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Microsoft Free Software – a personal top ten

You might think this will would make for a really short article post but actually  there’s a  huge amount of free tools and resource out there and I have had to restrict myself to a top ten across the server and client,  based on what Simon and I have used.  So please feel free to… Read more

Five New Year’s Resolutions for 2011

I  think a lot of people, IT Professionals included are worried about the year ahead, so here are some likely problems and my new year resolutions: Energy prices are spiralling This means the cost of moving whole atoms rather than just electrons is even more pronounced than ever, so moving data ( a stream of… Read more

Social Office

A lot of people who use facebook also use Office so Microsoft Fuse labs have used Azure to provide Office document sharing between facebook users in much the same way as facebook users can now share pictures and videos. I Simply went to and signed in with my facebook account to get started. I… Read more

PowerPivot Installation

I hope my PowerPivot posts and videos are proving useful, and continuing this them I want to cover off installation. PowerPivot for Excel is a free download for Excel 2010 and simply doesn’t need any edition of SQL Server behind it.  It comes in 32 bit and 64 bit depending on which variant of Excel… Read more

PowerPivot management

The most important thing about PowerPivot is the ability to share users analysis into SharePoint so that these other users can slice and data form within a browser.  As I’ve said before this uses SQL Server analysis services behind the scenes, albeit as part of a special install option.  I’ve also said that PowerPivots on… Read more

PowerPivot is Analysis Services, sort of

PowerPivot is essentially a way of making an analysis services cube using excel as the design tool.  When you use the PowerPivot for Excel add-in, then there no backend dependency, but if you want to save a PowerPivot to SharePoint 2010, there has to be a special installation of SQL Server 2008 R2 analysis services… Read more

PowerPivot is Integration Services sort of

One of the key problems in BI is getting your data together and cleaning it, and one of the best tools for doing this at scale would be integration services in SQL Server. However integration services is too complicated for the average business user but these users do need something to load and prepare data. … Read more

The Office Ribbon

Why are people in this country so glued to the imperial system of measurement?  are they easier to use compared to metric (SI) units? e.g.  How many cubic inches/ pints quarts does the engine in your car have? How heavy is a gallon of water? How many cubic yards of gravel do I need for… Read more