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Microsoft Free Software – a personal top ten

You might think this will would make for a really short article post but actually  there’s a  huge amount of free tools and resource out there and I have had to restrict myself to a top ten across the server and client,  based on what Simon and I have used.  So please feel free to… Read more

The Office Ribbon

Why are people in this country so glued to the imperial system of measurement?  are they easier to use compared to metric (SI) units? e.g.  How many cubic inches/ pints quarts does the engine in your car have? How heavy is a gallon of water? How many cubic yards of gravel do I need for… Read more

Education education education at BETT 2010

I have spent the last four days on the Microsoft stand at a huge education show (BETT 2010) to field technical questions on Windows 7 and Office 2010. I take my hat off to the IT Pro’s working in schools as they have to cope with all kinds of applications and hardware and usually there… Read more

You get a lot more than you pay for

Microsoft’s approach to stuff is to ship the basic product as part of a license and then provide you with lots of other add-ins, packs, resource kits and so on which are all free to use on top of what you just paid for e.g. Windows has the Live platform which gives you basic photo… Read more

Excel add ins for Analysis Services

Excel and analysis services are pretty open technologies so it’s very easier for anyone to grow their own stuff in for a richer experience, and even Microsoft provide things like the data mining add-ins which follow this principle. These add-ins are not confined to Microsoft and they are not always free.  What caught my eye… Read more

Date for your Diary – How to go from data to decisions

A key part of business intelligence is the collaboration between the business user and the BI IT professional and so Microsoft are running a one day seminar addressed to both of these audiences.  The well renowned BI guru Rafal Lukawiecki is running this on 26th March at Microsoft’s office in Cardinal Place, Victoria London.  Hopefully… Read more

12th Day of Christmas – Community Clips

In my final video of free stuff from Microsoft, Viral is showing my Community Clips a screencasting tool that we actually use to make most of our videos.  However the Community Clips site is also a great resource of videos for learning Office … Technorati Tags: community clips,office training,screencasting… Read more

9th Day of Christmas – PPTplex

The remaining videos in my quest to show 12 cool free things that you can use form Microsoft have been made by good friend Viral.  Viral is the Office and Sharepoint evangelist so it is entirely appropriate that he shows you PPTPlex, a PowerPoint add-in to pimp your presentations. It really comes into its own… Read more

64 bit odbc connectivity to SQL Server

Working for Microsoft is strangely like working for the government, yu are essentially trying to please everyone, but there are significant minorities on any given issue who aren’t that satisfied. Let me explain with a real world example.. The lack of 64 bit jet and odbc drivers mean that anyone trying to get data into… Read more

Are we spending too much time with Excel?

Despite my love of SQL Server and my respect for Oracle, and MySQL the worlds number one database is excel.  I know that many purists and DBA’s will shudder at me grouping a spreadsheet with a database, but look at this form the perspective of number of hours of users using excel and the volume… Read more