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Application Platform Knowledge Hub

Albert Einstein once remarked that you don’t need to remember everything, you just needed to remember where to look.  When it comes to learning about Microsoft products this can sometimes be harder than it ought to be and what resources there are can be fragmented so you do have to remember where to look.  That’s… Read more

What’s good in SQL Server 2012 Integration Services

This is a guest post by Allan Mitchell MVP, and one of the top speakers at SQL Bits   The launch of SQL Server 2012 is not too far away and the SQL Server team have been hard at work adding new functionality and also improving upon existing features.  I am lucky enough to have… Read more


Data Transformation Services is the bit of SQL Server that helped pay for my house, car and some really nice holidays.  I first got to use it some 12 years ago and after working with BCP (bulk copy program) it was just so easy, I was sucking data out of AS400/RPG, Oracle and Sybase to… Read more

Query Across the Mersey

SQL Bits 9, Adelphi Hotel Liverpool 29th September to 1 October 2011, what else do you need to know? Well possibly a few things if you are now reading the second line of this post or you haven’t been to them before.. It’s the biggest and best SQL event in Europe, I know this because… Read more

Spatial Referencing Systems in the UK

I have had a couple of queries about spatial data in SQL Server regarding SRIDs.  I have posted already on some of this here, and while I mentioned SRIDs I didn’t really cover what that means so hopefully this explains it… First of all the term Spatial Reference Identifier (SRID) is a European Petroleum Survey… Read more

Integration, Integration, Integration

Microsoft is all about choice, so instead of having one way of shifting data between two different platforms we have three.  I get asked about two of these a lot but I also wanted to discuss the latest tool in this space to make sense of all them and understand when to use what: Integration… Read more

Take a closer look at the Microsoft Application Platform

I like technology but it’s what you do with it that matters. Having said that if you don’t know what a piece of technology is capable of be it your home cinema system or SQL Server then you might not be making best use of it. One piece of technology from Microsoft that is little… Read more

Exporting Data, the Right tool for the Right job

I have just been following a thread about using reporting services 2005 to produce a 55,000 row excel spreadsheet. The initiator of the thread was concerned that the report was locking up and was looking for a fix. I could suggest migrating to SQL Server 2008 as it has much better memory management and pipelining… Read more