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Virtualizing Tier 1 SQL Server

A while back I published a couple of posts on virtualizing SQL Server, and in the light of developments in both the virtualization platform out there and SQL Server itself I feel the need to do a complete rewrite.  The traditional approach to implementing high availability (HA) in SQL Server has been to create a… Read more

Virtualisation and Interoperability

I often think that Microsoft is a bit like the English language, a lot of people speak it, a lot of people don’t and for many people it’s a second or third language they need for work e.g. air traffic controllers.  In technology few of us run a totally Microsoft environment, a few more will… Read more

Give us the tools and we’ll finish the job

I have spent the day dug in at the Cabinet War Rooms in London for Inframon’s annual War on Cost event with the top experts in systems management .  The venue was chosen to reflect the them of the event and much like world war 2 the Americans in the form  of 9 Microsoft experts… Read more

What Kind of MUG are you?

Whether your thing is windows management or virtual machines there’s interesting user group activity coming up in the next few weeks.. The virtual machine user group (VMUG) in Leeds gets together on 16th November from 12-6pm at the Leeds Park Plaza hotel .. You’ll find me presenting on SQL Server in a virtual world, and… Read more

Open Competition

Success is rarely achieved by underestimating the competition.  Imagine you work for software Company Z, they have no respect and hate software company X to the point that none of Company X’s stuff is ever used by Company Z, no matter how useful it is.  This is good in that Company Z is not helping… Read more

SQL Server & Open Source Interoperability

You needed to understand two acronyms In the Microsoft vs Open Source debate until recently: LAMP: Linux Apache MySQL PHP WISA Windows IIS SQL Server But the world has moved on and Microsoft like all software vendors recognises the value of open source and so there is now lots of in between choices giving… Read more

SQL Server Disk I/O on Windows Server 2008

Imagine you work in a library and it’s your turn to put the books away that have just been returned. You have a complete catalogue of where every book should go but it’s not quite right, because someone didn’t notice that the first book in the list is supposed to be in two volumes ,… Read more

Using Oracle data with Microsoft Business Intelligence

Before I joined Microsoft, I was working on a large project to build SQL Server 2005 analysis services cubes from data in Oracle 10g.  The fun we had trying to get the data out and setup the servers!  Getting the OLEDB drivers and the Oracle client tools working in a 64-bit environment is at the… Read more