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NO SQL Server

I spent last Thursday at Black Marble’s Architect Forum and my slot was on SQL, NoSQL, some SQL. It went down very well but I used OneNote on my tablet not PowerPoint and like all modern art my drawing needs a bit of explaining.. Databases were originally used to  store transactions which are highly structured, … Read more

SQL Relay

I am in the middle of SQL relay this week, but I just realised that you might like to have a copy of my Denali slide deck, which I have now posted to SkyDrive. You are welcome to have a look at it even if you couldn’t make one of the four venues I am… Read more

Beyond Relational– Semantic Search with SQL Server FileTable

Semantic Search new for SQL Server Denali adds extra intelligence to the FullText search capability that has existed in SQL Server for several releases, by looking at the relationships between words and in and across each document.  For example you can find which documents are similar to a specified document, and this could help with… Read more

Beyond Relational– FullText indexing with SQL Server FileTable

In my part 3 of my series on FileTable I wanted to search the documents I had saved in parts 1 & 2. This is pretty straightforward, as Full text indexing has been in several versions of SQL Server and is SQL Server 2008 R2 the FullText indexes are part of the databases they refer… Read more

Using Full Text Searching SQL Server 2008

I have now got SQL Server 2008 RC0 running in my Hyper-V 64-bit virtual machine, complete with the sample adventure works database from connect. Now it’s time to have a look at querying full text indexes. One of the common ways of doing this is to use the contains function as part of a where… Read more

A rough guide to Full Text Search in SQL Server 2008

Full text search has been around in SQL Server since the 2000 edition and has gradually evolved in each subsequent release and it is included in SQL Server express so you don’t even have to buy it! In CTP6 (February) the latest revision appeared, The basic difference is that there is no longer a separate… Read more