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Event Handling for the IT Professional

My diary is solid for the next few weeks as there seem to be a lot of events on. This is good for me as the best bit of my job is swapping ideas and stories with like minded individuals, not to mention the odd lively debate.  I also get the impression that many of… Read more


I reckon the IT Professionals working in education have some of the most demanding jobs in in the IT industry, they have to contend with all sorts of privacy and security problems, a multitude of software and with only one or two per school they need to be real Jacks (or Jills) of all trades. … Read more

Give us the tools and we’ll finish the job

I have spent the day dug in at the Cabinet War Rooms in London for Inframon’s annual War on Cost event with the top experts in systems management .  The venue was chosen to reflect the them of the event and much like world war 2 the Americans in the form  of 9 Microsoft experts… Read more

What Kind of MUG are you?

Whether your thing is windows management or virtual machines there’s interesting user group activity coming up in the next few weeks.. The virtual machine user group (VMUG) in Leeds gets together on 16th November from 12-6pm at the Leeds Park Plaza hotel .. You’ll find me presenting on SQL Server in a virtual world, and… Read more

3 clouds and a screen

No I haven’t got the numbers the wrong way round, the three clouds I am referring to are the three tracks we have put together for TechDays on 8th October and the screen is where you’ll be watching it as this is Online rather than in person. Those three tracks are: Cirrus Room – A… Read more

Windows 7 the Presenter’s friend

I think it takes a lot of effort and courage to stand up in front of an audience  and give a presentation.  Adding a demo into this mix only makes this worse, and so the SQLBIts organisers setup a speaker training day at our offices yesterday ran by Guy Smith-Ferrier.  Part of this was getting… Read more

Sharepoint Saturday

User groups should be run and managed by Microsoft users, so I am really pleased to see SharePoint experts Tony Pounder, Brett Lonsdale and Mark Macrae , taking a lot of time and effort to run the first SharePoint Saturday in the UK. I have seen how successful SQLBIts has become and how it compliments… Read more

Free Tickets to the SQL Master Class

Here’s a problem how do you give away 2 tickets to the SQL Server master class with Kimberly Trip  and Paul Randall?  The logical answer is to ask a technical question, but if it’s too hard the winner who answers it won’t get the same benefit from going to the master class.  Of course if… Read more