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SQL Relay 2012

Four cities,  in four days makes for one tired evangelist, so why am I doing SQL Relay with the SQL community I hear you ask.  Well that’s your answer really -  I can’t hear you ask anything when I am sat in darkest Surrey blogging away so I am actually doing these events not so… Read more

Cloud Cookery class

Cooks would rather not wash up, and the best chefs have someone else do the shopping prepare the vegetables etc. and often end up planning and managing the menus and kitchens. In our IT professional world I would rather not worry about patching, I hate doing all the repetitive boring stuff and would rather work… Read more

Notes from IT Camp, Leeds 28th Feb

Simon and I did our first IT camp in Leeds on Tuesday, and I would like to say thank you to those that cam along as you were the beta testers for this new kind of event.  As you can see we had a much more informal setup of groups of 8 or 9 around… Read more

Superglue now available for System Center 2012

One of my frustrations to date when showing off System Center 2012 is that it doesn’t quite fit together yet; each of the individual products is in beta and works pretty well, however joining them up is not there yet.  This is not because there’s a flaw in the line up or missing functionality, it’s… Read more

Event: IT Camp Leeds Feb 28th

Back in December Simon and I invited a few friends along to help us beta test a different kind of event, an IT Camp.  The idea is simply to do smaller, more interactive events where discussions and questions are encouraged.  The presenters, (Simon and I) being a bit more in the background.  The first of… Read more

SQL Relay

I am in the middle of SQL relay this week, but I just realised that you might like to have a copy of my Denali slide deck, which I have now posted to SkyDrive. You are welcome to have a look at it even if you couldn’t make one of the four venues I am… Read more

SQL Bits 11 – Notes & Queries

If you didn’t manage to fight your fight your way through the Everton & Liverpool fans to SQL Bits I thought you might like to see some of the random questions I got asked.. How do I manage SQL Azure? I think the key thing about developing for the cloud is to ensure that your… Read more

SQL Server sprawl

Normally the term sprawl carries an implied criticism, in the case of SQL server that DBAs have lost control of their infrastructure and users are install it willy nilly without regard for data protection or disaster recovery.  However when it comes to SQL Server user group meeting then sprawl is a good thing, as it… Read more

Microsoft VDI – it exists and it works

I really enjoy going to technical community events even the ones that are run by Vmware, but you would think from the Vmware ones that Microsoft doesn’t have a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solution at all.  I don’t intend to turn this blog into a feature comparison of the two or anything like that I… Read more