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Evaluate this – Deduplication

Deduplication is the business of compressing data without loss and this is now built into Windows Server 2012 as a role service.  The official marketing from us states that you will save somewhere between 20-70% of the space on your file servers if you implement this. If that’s sounds interesting my screencast shows how to… Read more

Reach for the Cloud – System Center 2012

  For me the most interesting stuff in the System Center 2012 is the cloud stuff.  Some of this is obvious there’s cloud button in Virtual Machine Manager (VMM)  2012, and there’s even a new product in the line up, currently called Concero that is totally cloud focused as you can see from this preliminary… Read more

TechNet Virtual Conference, Thanks for watching

Our first effort at running a TechNet type road show as a virtual event worked pretty well but this platform did have a few niggles which I hope didn’t ruin your day too much.  This was mainly around the moderated chat which we couldn’t get into ourselves for most of the day. However judging by… Read more

TechNet Virtual Conference 19th June

Normally at this time of the year the evangelists would be wandering the UK with the TechNet road shows.  However this year TechNet has gone virtual as it’s become very apparent that you are finding it even more difficult to justify a day out of the office not to mention getting approval for travel expenses…. Read more