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SQL Server Advent Calendar 18 – Audit

Day 18 of my virtual advent calendar, about stuff I like in SQL Server 2008.. Rounding out ways of keeping an eye on what’s happening to your data in SQL Server 2008 is the new auditing feature in Enterprise edition.  As the name suggest it’s there for a specific purpose, to make your compliance work… Read more

Governance, Risk Management & Compliance

Blog posts which just reference whitepapers etc. can annoy some of you so I try and limit these, but if you are one of the many IT managers or DBA’s worried about compliance then please read on. The IT Compliance Guide   is a comprehensive guide to all of those annoying acronyms that seem to get… Read more

Management Reporter – the new FRx

  One of the worst reporting headaches is producing output for the finance department.  The reports need to meet strict standards, be penny perfect, and the end user always wants the report to be in excel.  With reporting services in SQL Server 2005 this could be done by the IT department but the real solution… Read more


The IT industry is awash with acronyms, Microsoft is drowning in them and I think we will soon need to move to FLA (Five Letter Acronyms) to keep up – I thought MSRC was the Microsoft Research Centre but Steve insists its’ the Microsoft Response Center, and we’re both right!     However we are… Read more

SQL Server SOX Compliance

At the SQL Server community evening last week I was asked whether SQL Server is or is going to be SOX compliant.  There are probably some of you thinking that we were discussing baseball so I should explain that Sarbannes Oxley (SOX) is a piece of financial compliance  legislation introduced in the US following the… Read more