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Data, no use at all without a catalog

About a decade a go I went on a Microsoft BI boot camp which was also  attended by Microsoft staff specifically Matthew Stephen and Rob Gray who inspired me to work towards joining Microsoft myself.  Two years later I got in and haven’t looked back and I still track Matt on LinkedIn, so I was… Read more

Evaluate This–File Classification

In my last post & screen cast I showed how Dynamic Access Control (DAC) worked; the business of matching a users claims to the properties of a file (Resource Property in DAC), however the problem then becomes how do I correctly tag my files so that DAC works.  You shouldn’t necessarily be doing this; it’s… Read more

Evaluate This – Dynamic Access Control

Managing users access to the right files is a pain on any OS, the best that’s going ot happen is that no one will complain about not having access to a file while none of your sensitive company data gets into the wrong hands.  In a traditional hierarchical business life was pretty easy you had… Read more

Normal Service has been resumed

I’ve just got back from 5 weeks off in NZ to celebrate my 50th lap of the sun, hence the guest posts on here recently. Just before I went away  the UK TechNet team setup  Tech Days Online .. based on a chat Simon and I had about what 2011 holds for the IT Professional… Read more

Five New Year’s Resolutions for 2011

I  think a lot of people, IT Professionals included are worried about the year ahead, so here are some likely problems and my new year resolutions: Energy prices are spiralling This means the cost of moving whole atoms rather than just electrons is even more pronounced than ever, so moving data ( a stream of… Read more

System Centre Configuration Manager 2007 R3– going for green

I have never heard of an R3 of a Microsoft product before so I wanted to know more about what’s in SCCM 2007 R3 now it’s been released.  First of all the R3 suffix is about Microsoft being clear on the differences between release service packs etc.  A release is about added functionality without changes… Read more

Microsoft is all in

When Steve Ballmer says “We’re all in the cloud”  this should be viewed in the same way as when  Bill Gates talked about “a PC in every home”.  I could quote statistics on the investment Microsoft is making in the cloud or show you some cool pictures of containers in one of the data centres,… Read more

Spotting Databases

SQL Server has  a habit of popping up here and there without you necessarily knowing about it. This is a testament to its versatility and how  it will generally just keep on going often without support from the IT team. However in age of auditors, risk management and compliance, you do really need to know… Read more

SQL Server Security

Security should be everyone’s business,  but it’s often seen as someone else’s problem.  When it comes to SQL Server there are at least three parts to the puzzle: The infrastructure guys will provide secure comms and accounts with which to access SQL Server. The developers be they in house or  employed by the vendor you… Read more