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Discovering Autism with Microsoft Surface

I met Freena Eijffinger again at this year’s at TechEd Berlin after doing some cartons for her film crew last years and she casually mentioned she has been given a Microsoft Surface .  Her company (FreenaNL Multiouch) is developing an application to diagnose autism in children and the robust nature of Surface (it uses cameras… Read more

Give us the tools and we’ll finish the job

I have spent the day dug in at the Cabinet War Rooms in London for Inframon’s annual War on Cost event with the top experts in systems management .  The venue was chosen to reflect the them of the event and much like world war 2 the Americans in the form  of 9 Microsoft experts… Read more

Microsoft is all in

When Steve Ballmer says “We’re all in the cloud”  this should be viewed in the same way as when  Bill Gates talked about “a PC in every home”.  I could quote statistics on the investment Microsoft is making in the cloud or show you some cool pictures of containers in one of the data centres,… Read more

3 clouds and a screen

No I haven’t got the numbers the wrong way round, the three clouds I am referring to are the three tracks we have put together for TechDays on 8th October and the screen is where you’ll be watching it as this is Online rather than in person. Those three tracks are: Cirrus Room – A… Read more

Private Cloud?

Private Cloud is probably the most over used and least understood term in IT at the moment. Gartner’s definition of private cloud is “A style of computing where scalable and elastic IT-enabled capabilities are delivered as a service to customers using Internet technologies.” What does that look like for the IT Professional in the Microsoft… Read more

Managing SQL Azure

Effective management of  the cloud is essential, and SQL Azure is no exception to this.  Until a couple of days ago the only way to do this was to fire up SQL Server Management Studio in SQL Server 2008 R2. However the Azure team have now released a public beta of Project Houston a lightweight… Read more

Cloud Security

The biggest blocker to public cloud usage is concern about security and privacy.  This usually falls into one or all of these particular concerns: Do I trust cloud provider X to look after my data? Can I legally use cloud provider X given the regulatory framework in the UK? Can I setup good security to… Read more

What is ADFS, and why you should care?

Active Directory Federated Services (ADFS) doesn’t sound like the most exciting topic for a post, but I am going to post on it anyway precisely because it is boring. First let me log in to windows with a Live ID.. You’ll notice I have used my Microsoft alias to sign in, and I haven’t entered… Read more