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Reach for the Cloud – System Center 2012

  For me the most interesting stuff in the System Center 2012 is the cloud stuff.  Some of this is obvious there’s cloud button in Virtual Machine Manager (VMM)  2012, and there’s even a new product in the line up, currently called Concero that is totally cloud focused as you can see from this preliminary… Read more

Have a word with your accountant

I spent yesterday afternoon at a CIMA members meeting to discuss enterprise 2.0, on the back of some commissioned research by Manchester Business School (Heba El-Sayed and Chris Westrup). It occurred to me that a lot of this plays well into the world of the IT professional not least because both professions are under the… Read more

Mixing the public and private cloud

No one except startups will completely embrace the public cloud immediately. This means that a mixed environment of some services on site and some not will persist for some time in many organisations.  For any given service, a decision will be made about where to put it , in the public cloud to expand business… Read more

Notes & Queries from TechDays 2011

I have been at TechDays Live all last week and although I did a bit of presenting, I was mainly there to listen and keep the week running smoothly.  I scribbled down a few notes during the various sessions I was in which I thought might be of interest: Easyjet have an amazing set of… Read more

SQL Azure Update

The annoying thing about cloud services like SQL Azure is that they keep changing as more features are added. The great thing about cloud services like SQL Azure is that they keep changing as more features are added. So if I write post about version x of SQL Server that has some value while that… Read more

Cloud and emerging economies

I just noticed a comment on our UK TechNet blog about how public cloud could put emerging economies at more of a disadvantage than those in developed countries. The comment I saw specifically mentioned broadband as the problem as  cloud services need internet connectivity.  However while in some cases this can be higher than would… Read more

Using System Center Advisor

In my last post I fired up the new release candidate of System Center Advisor, and this is what it looks like after I have left it running across a couple of servers I have pointed to the servers.. Just one thing to note, in my last post I introduced Advisor as “essentially Systems Center… Read more

Bye bye Atlanta, Hello System Center Advisor

One of the many announcements to come out of the recent Microsoft Management Summit was System Center Advisor. Essentially this is Operations Manager (SCOM) in the cloud, so a sort of InTune for servers.  I had a look at the precursor to this, Project Atlanta back in January, but at the time it was just… Read more

Microsoft Virtual Academy

I don’t think data centre management or the private cloud is particularly difficult to learn, but it could be easier to find out where to start.  Of course if your focus is virtualisation or you only make tools in this space then your site should make this journey pretty straight forward.  However I would argue… Read more

Normal Service has been resumed

I’ve just got back from 5 weeks off in NZ to celebrate my 50th lap of the sun, hence the guest posts on here recently. Just before I went away  the UK TechNet team setup  Tech Days Online .. based on a chat Simon and I had about what 2011 holds for the IT Professional… Read more