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Cloud Cookery class

Cooks would rather not wash up, and the best chefs have someone else do the shopping prepare the vegetables etc. and often end up planning and managing the menus and kitchens. In our IT professional world I would rather not worry about patching, I hate doing all the repetitive boring stuff and would rather work… Read more

Managing a hybrid cloud with System Center 2012

Hybrid cloud is the term applied to the increasingly common scenario where a business runs some of its services in the public cloud but retains some on premises, although it is also possible to use assets from both to provide a service as well.  For some business this is just a transitional step as more… Read more

Microsoft System Center and BMC Management Tools Integration and Interaction

In his second guest post Greg Charman from Kelverion has a look at BMC integration. Many customers have made large investments in both Microsoft System Center and BMC Datacenter Management Tools. Historically integrating these two vendors product sets has been challenging and time consuming.With the purchase of Opalis (an IT Process Automation Solution) in December… Read more

Event: IT Camp Leeds Feb 28th

Back in December Simon and I invited a few friends along to help us beta test a different kind of event, an IT Camp.  The idea is simply to do smaller, more interactive events where discussions and questions are encouraged.  The presenters, (Simon and I) being a bit more in the background.  The first of… Read more

SQL Server 2012 and the private cloud

Putting up a marketing slide that says SQL Server is a good private cloud citizen is good marketing, but what’s in the box to back the claim up? My top three would be: Windows Server core.  Patching is a major maintenance problem with lots of virtual machines, and server core cuts that in half.  Getting… Read more

System Center 2012–It’s all about the application

The Accountants, sales guys and lawyers in your business don’t understand or care about how fast your hypervisor is or how many nodes there are in your cluster. What they care about is that the e-mail works the intranet is up and the business can trade with its customers. In short they care about applications,… Read more

SQL Bits 11 – Notes & Queries

If you didn’t manage to fight your fight your way through the Everton & Liverpool fans to SQL Bits I thought you might like to see some of the random questions I got asked.. How do I manage SQL Azure? I think the key thing about developing for the cloud is to ensure that your… Read more

Back to Skool

Getting time, and resources to stay current with technology is always hard for IT professionals even when that training applies directly to your role.  If you are thinking of cross training because for whatever reason you can’t see a future in doing what you are currently doing then you’re probably going to end up investing… Read more