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Read it and keep

I have to confess to having quite a few real books in my house. Some of these books are reproductions of originals or have really big hi definition pictures in so they don’t work well as e-books.  I also find that on occasion technical books work better in print than they do on a small… Read more

MCSE for SQL Server

I have to be honest I gave up getting certified before I joined Microsoft mainly because the exams didn’t keep up with the release of SQL Server specifically the Business intelligence exams. I then had the same problem as an evangelist I was working on the next release of the SQL or Windows Server. However… Read more

Back to Skool

Getting time, and resources to stay current with technology is always hard for IT professionals even when that training applies directly to your role.  If you are thinking of cross training because for whatever reason you can’t see a future in doing what you are currently doing then you’re probably going to end up investing… Read more

Microsoft Virtual Academy

I don’t think data centre management or the private cloud is particularly difficult to learn, but it could be easier to find out where to start.  Of course if your focus is virtualisation or you only make tools in this space then your site should make this journey pretty straight forward.  However I would argue… Read more

Microsoft is all in

When Steve Ballmer says “We’re all in the cloud”  this should be viewed in the same way as when  Bill Gates talked about “a PC in every home”.  I could quote statistics on the investment Microsoft is making in the cloud or show you some cool pictures of containers in one of the data centres,… Read more

The (IT Professional) Apprentice

The old Catch 22 situation of not having experience nor having anyone who is wiling to provide that experience still exists today as it did when I stated work.  If I reverse that argument every company in the current economic climate could argue that there is no budget to train staff so we have to… Read more

How they know you know

I have just seen this hilarious video showing some fictitious IT job interviews on the Microsoft learning site. What makes it hilarious for me is that I have conducted interviews like this and had some of the bizarre answers this poor IT manager had and worse. At a couple of companies we’d set our own… Read more

Certified Muppet

My post from yesterday got a comment which I sort of agree with along the lines of “My mate Nigel is Microsoft Certified and he is hopeless“.  I think that this perception is largely based on the sort of exams that used to exist and I personally think they are a lot harder now.  They are also better aligned to… Read more

Certified Genius

I am not one but I would like to be.  I do have the MCDBA qualification because in the days of SQL server 2000 that was the only microsoft qualification in my specialism which had an albeit optional  BI element to it. However I never upgraded to the new IT Professioanl exmas for 2 reasons:  It took far… Read more