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SQL Server 2008 Resource Governor in action

One of the biggest headaches in SQL Server 2005 is trying to manage resources where there are competing workloads on a shared server. A typical approach is to use instances, but this completely hides memory and CPU from other instances which are then not available to an instance under stress whether the other instances are… Read more

SQL Server 2008 Geo-Spatial functions and indexes

SQL Server 2008 enables the use of geo-spatial data or location intelligence in four ways: a new geography data type (there’s another one for 2D geometry), which can store points, lines, line segments and polygons A rich set of functions to make use of them, e.g. whether they intersect, how far are they away etc…. Read more

SQL Server 2008 Geometry Data

One of the problems with our TechNet road shows is getting at the content after the event.  Of course we do provide the slide decks, but these can be abut thin as many IT Pro’s (including us!) are power point averse, preferring see stuff in action.  We can record it all but I am not… Read more

SQL Server 2008 & Virtual Earth

There’s a lot of buzz around Software plus Services (S+S) from Microsoft and others.  It’s all very simple as Eileen will tell you -  it’s when you use a service like GPS that’s remote and public and combine it with some software like CoPilot or TomTom on your GPS to find directions.  In a similar… Read more