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MCSE for SQL Server

I have to be honest I gave up getting certified before I joined Microsoft mainly because the exams didn’t keep up with the release of SQL Server specifically the Business intelligence exams. I then had the same problem as an evangelist I was working on the next release of the SQL or Windows Server. However… Read more

Beyond Relational– Semantic Search with SQL Server FileTable

Semantic Search new for SQL Server Denali adds extra intelligence to the FullText search capability that has existed in SQL Server for several releases, by looking at the relationships between words and in and across each document.  For example you can find which documents are similar to a specified document, and this could help with… Read more

Beyond Relational– FullText indexing with SQL Server FileTable

In my part 3 of my series on FileTable I wanted to search the documents I had saved in parts 1 & 2. This is pretty straightforward, as Full text indexing has been in several versions of SQL Server and is SQL Server 2008 R2 the FullText indexes are part of the databases they refer… Read more

SQL Server on Windows Server Core part 2–Configuring Server Core

Windows Server Core is a lightweight installation of any edition of Windows Server, and because it is so lightweight initial setup can be a bit tricky, so here’s what you need to know: Adding roles & features. There’s no Server Manager in Server Core and in any case you might want to do some configuration… Read more

Volunteering with SharePoint 2010

The voluntary sector is a actually quite similar to the rest of business it’s just that the profits are then used to drive the aims of the not for profit or charity rather than benefitting shareholders or partners.  So the challenges of market share and operational efficiency are just as relevant to the voluntary sector… Read more

Orange Data Centre part 5– Installing Self Service Portal

First an apology. One of the reasons I stopped trying to turn my laptop into a mobile data centre was that I have been a login to the Reading Microsoft Technology Centre (MTC) and this has the entire system centre suite running on it and my Dell Covet can’t really compete with that.  However I… Read more

A worked example of using spatial and olap data in Reporting Services

In my last post I went through a possible approach for showing spatial and olap data that the RSPB are planning to evaluate, now I want to show you how this might look in an example. First of all an apology, I am not going to pay the £1500 to license UK postcodes as this… Read more