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Microsoft Free Software – a personal top ten

You might think this will would make for a really short article post but actually  there’s a  huge amount of free tools and resource out there and I have had to restrict myself to a top ten across the server and client,  based on what Simon and I have used.  So please feel free to… Read more

A worked example of using spatial and olap data in Reporting Services part 2

Following on from my my post on Monday I wanted to show you how to link reports together using the mapping control in Report Builder 3.  This is actually pretty easy to do as any polygon or point on a map can have an action associated with it and one of the available action types… Read more

Putting SQL Server data on the Map

Storing and manipulating spatial data into SQL Server 2008 is fairly straightforward, thanks to its new data types, methods and indexing.  However presenting this data is more of a challenge; showing your users a grid of latitude/longitudes isn’t really going to help and so you need to put your data on a map.  The obvious… Read more


The best thing about my job is the interesting people I get to meet and this weekend was no exception, because I went to an EcoCamp in Coventry and met an arctic explorer and some amazing industrial designers amongst others. You might wonder what that has got to do with my work? Well strictly nothing,… Read more

Using SQL Server 2008 R2 Report Builder 3 with Bing Maps

This article shows you how to get started with Report Builder 3 (RB3) and Bing Maps. I could use adventure works to show you this but I thought you might want to see a little bit of our green and pleasant land instead. To do this I have put  the previous SQLBits venues into a… Read more

SQL Server Advent Calendar 22 – Spatial Data

Day 22 of my virtual advent calendar, about stuff I like in SQL Server 2008.. SQL Server 2008 now has data types to store points lines and polygons in 2 spatial data type, Geometry and Geography. I have already posted quite extensively on spatial data, but it is is one of my favourite new things… Read more

Mini Computing Performance

Performance Management doesn’t just apply to SQL Server, it is just as important in all aspects of engineering.  My cousin Stuart is one such engineer, he takes a standard Mini Cooper (the old kind) and adds a turbo and an Emerald engine control unit (ECU), plus a ton of other tech stuff to ensure the… Read more