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Normal Service has been resumed

I’ve just got back from 5 weeks off in NZ to celebrate my 50th lap of the sun, hence the guest posts on here recently. Just before I went away  the UK TechNet team setup  Tech Days Online .. based on a chat Simon and I had about what 2011 holds for the IT Professional… Read more

What is the Private Cloud?

One of my most read blog posts is Private Cloud? which means that the private cloud is of interest and hopefully what I wrote went over fairly well.  However greater minds than mine actually design all of this  and one of those minds is Zane Adam who is pretty much in charge of Windows Azure.  … Read more

Just because you can doesn’t mean you should, mixing Hyper-V and other applications in Windows Server

I have got the highest respect for Hyper-V. It’s simple to use I don’t need to learn any new interface (it’s just another mmc snap-in)  in which to mange the virtual world.  However when someone asks me if they can install other roles alongside hyper-V in production I say “Oi mate NO don’t do it”…. Read more

Cloudy with a chance of redundancies

Whether you want your cloud solution from a search provider, a bookstore or a software house there is no denying that the next wave in the IT revolution is the cloud.  Does that mean that IT professionals will go the way of the thatcher, millwright and blacksmith to be consigned to OU courses on social… Read more

Virtualisation for the DBA part 4 – Licensing and Support

To wrap up this mini-series on virtualisation, I wanted to clarify the support and licensing stuff you need to know if you want to Virtualise. The support is really simple, Microsoft support virtual machines just as though they are real environments.  The interesting bit is that this isn’t specific to Hyper-V, it also applies to… Read more

Virtualisation for the DBA part 3 – SQL Server Performance

As I have said already in this series the major concern most DBA’s have when virtualising SQL Server is performance. I think this is actually a bit of myth for a number reasons: Virtualisation just keeps getting better.  This is down to a partnership between the hardware and software industries. We have had a couple… Read more

Putting SQL Server on the MAP

Usually when I mention SQL Server and map in the same blog it’s a post on geospatial data but not today; today I want to talk about assessment and planning your SQL Server infrastructure.  I know of several DBA’s who don’t know how many SQL Servers they have much less what stare they are in… Read more

The Technology Garden

I’m at the Insight Architects Conference today and I have just been sitting in on the keynote from John Collins of Freeform Dynamics. He was going through his latest research on the perceptions and take up of Service Orientated Architecture (SOA) and Software as a Service (SaaS), and his findings are that successful companies are… Read more