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SQL Bits 11 – Notes & Queries

If you didn’t manage to fight your fight your way through the Everton & Liverpool fans to SQL Bits I thought you might like to see some of the random questions I got asked.. How do I manage SQL Azure? I think the key thing about developing for the cloud is to ensure that your… Read more

Installing Denali ctp3–how hard can it be

l forget sometimes that installing SQL Server isn’t that straightforward, in part because it is now so much more than the database engine, that was SQL Server 7 when I started.  I also think its important that you understand the choices you are making when installing it although many of these can be undone by… Read more

the BI Sematic Model in SQL Server Denali ctp3

Some sort of semantic model is needed in every BI solution but what is it and why do I need one?  It’s a view of the data store(s) you want to work on for business intelligence which adds additional information that can be stored in the individual tables themselves.  For example how are the tables… Read more

Analysis Services cubed in SQL Server Denali ctp3

I have now managed to install analysis services (SSAS) in SQL Server Denali ctp3 three times to reflect the three installation options that now exist .. The top instance is the table based installation that’s completely new for SQL Server Denali Then I have olap based SSAS instance that I have deliberately called OLAP.  This… Read more

KPI confusion

I saw a discussion the other having a go about the fact that it is possible to create KPIs in a number of Microsoft tools and how confusing that can be and I thought it would be good to understand why there is a choice at all.  Firstly the term KPI mans key performance indicator,… Read more

A worked example of using spatial and olap data in Reporting Services part 2

Following on from my my post on Monday I wanted to show you how to link reports together using the mapping control in Report Builder 3.  This is actually pretty easy to do as any polygon or point on a map can have an action associated with it and one of the available action types… Read more

A worked example of using spatial and olap data in Reporting Services

In my last post I went through a possible approach for showing spatial and olap data that the RSPB are planning to evaluate, now I want to show you how this might look in an example. First of all an apology, I am not going to pay the £1500 to license UK postcodes as this… Read more

Spatial and OLAP data in Reporting Services

I spent a very interesting afternoon last week with the IT team at the RSPB to explore what they could do to combine their mapping data with the olap cubes they have in analysis services. The only out of the box solution in SQL Server for spatial data is the map control in reporting Services… Read more

ROLAP dead but not forgotten

With a catchy name like Relational On Line Analytical Processing, is it any wonder that this technology hasn’t really entered mainstream use. Firstly what is it? OLAP (On Line Analytical Processing) is  a data store organised for ad hoc query and analysis, a good way to think about this is as a very big Excel… Read more

PowerPivot management

The most important thing about PowerPivot is the ability to share users analysis into SharePoint so that these other users can slice and data form within a browser.  As I’ve said before this uses SQL Server analysis services behind the scenes, albeit as part of a special install option.  I’ve also said that PowerPivots on… Read more