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Installing the SQL Server 2008 R2 August Technical Preview

I see a lot of comments on Twitter making comments about how hard SQL Server is to install and so I thought I would go through a simple installation based on the August Technical Preview, SQL Server 2008 R2.  I also used the latest operating system Windows Server 2008 R2 We are also having a… Read more

LINQ and Entity Framework

Developers talking to DBA’s – what’s the world coming to? Despite what some people think and a few cheap jokes there are many areas of commonality between these two worlds particularly in SQL Server, and two of these are LINQ and entity framework.  I know they both provide some sort of semantic layer between the… Read more

TechNet Spotlight

I am like c# – I am event driven. I like to meet people and I like to present or be presented to in person.  Last night I watched one of our MVPs, Simon Sabin, give us (the UK SQL Community) the DBA’s guide to the CLR – when to use it and when not… Read more

What’s on the telly? – Microsoft TV

Along time ago the BBC had just the one TV channel it’s shot up to four now we are digital.  Microsoft are in on the act.  Originally there was only Channel 9 which is named after the radio channel you can listen to pilots on in commercial aircraft however it’s really aimed at developers, developers,… Read more

TechNet Edge Takes Off

There is a new Microsoft Site for that’s just been launched, TechNet . It’s like the Channel 9 stuff but targeted specifically for IT Pro’s, where Channel 9 is focused on the developer.  The idea is to create a place where you can get all the stuff you need about what’s happening with the latest… Read more