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Making MDX interesting

Chris Webb MVP can, to quote a friend of mine can, “Make MDX sound interesting”.  I have to say when I first when on a course on MDX the tutor went for the “Make MDX confusing and boring” approach. Chris has recently coauthored a book on Expert Cube Development with Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Analysis… Read more

Dimensional Modelling

This simple design, popped up in my inbox today asking for advice… What you need to understand about this diagram is that there is a concatenated key (keys are in BOLD) on each of the orange dimension tables, with one part of that key being CompanyID. The exception is dCompany which is just keyed on… Read more

Slowly Changing Dimensions and Surrogate Keys

You would expect there to be a record and hopefully only one record for each sales person in a typical sales system and another record in another table for each of the customers.  But what happens when a one of these sales people gets assigned to a different territory or is promoted to be a regional sales manager?  The usual… Read more