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Windows Server 2008 Enterprise edition and Virtualisation

I get quite a few questions about virtualising SQL Server and typically today this is on VMWare so yesterday I went along to find out more at the VMWare London User Group.  In the current world of computing, vendors compete with everyone but also has alliances with everyone (a bit like the UN really!).  So… Read more

SQL Server Security

Security should be everyone’s business,  but it’s often seen as someone else’s problem.  When it comes to SQL Server there are at least three parts to the puzzle: The infrastructure guys will provide secure comms and accounts with which to access SQL Server. The developers be they in house or  employed by the vendor you… Read more

Windows 7 Security – don’t panic

On the MSNBC RedTape site there’s an article, 12 Things Computer Should Fear in 2010 and coming in at number 10 is Windows 7 (not sure if the list is on order).  One of the comments is that because Microsoft has worked so hard on compatibility then 8 of 10 windows viruses will still work. … Read more