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SQL Server Security

Security should be everyone’s business,  but it’s often seen as someone else’s problem.  When it comes to SQL Server there are at least three parts to the puzzle: The infrastructure guys will provide secure comms and accounts with which to access SQL Server. The developers be they in house or  employed by the vendor you… Read more

Virtualisation for the DBA part 3 – SQL Server Performance

As I have said already in this series the major concern most DBA’s have when virtualising SQL Server is performance. I think this is actually a bit of myth for a number reasons: Virtualisation just keeps getting better.  This is down to a partnership between the hardware and software industries. We have had a couple… Read more

Putting SQL Server data on the Map

Storing and manipulating spatial data into SQL Server 2008 is fairly straightforward, thanks to its new data types, methods and indexing.  However presenting this data is more of a challenge; showing your users a grid of latitude/longitudes isn’t really going to help and so you need to put your data on a map.  The obvious… Read more