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Using Shared Web Parts in Report Builder 3

Introduction Report Builder 3 is built into SQL Server 2008 R2 report manager and is a click once application.  It is also available as a separate download in the feature pack. At the time of writing the November ctp is the latest verison which can be downloaded from here, and the relevant feature pack is… Read more

Report Builder 3.0 Shared Report Parts

Report Builder 2 in SQL Server 2008 allows for some collaboration on report design between the business user and the IT professional, but this is limited to a working on a whole report.  A possible scenario would be that the IT guy would create a data source  and a query (dataset) and then hand this… Read more


The best thing about my job is the interesting people I get to meet and this weekend was no exception, because I went to an EcoCamp in Coventry and met an arctic explorer and some amazing industrial designers amongst others. You might wonder what that has got to do with my work? Well strictly nothing,… Read more

EcoCamp – Working from Home

I took along a Microsoft RoundTable to the EcoCamp I was at over the weekend which sparked off a conversation on the value of working from home. I had always assumed that home working was environmentally sound,  because of the savings in travel.  However one of the discussion group Jim Hensman at Coventry University has… Read more

Windows 7 – it’s here

Windows 7 is released today, but I feel a bit detached from the buzz in the social cloud about this, having played with for it nearly a year. However a couple of things happened recently that made me remember what life was like before windows 7.  I was in a well known burger bar  and… Read more

Virtualisation for the DBA part 3 – SQL Server Performance

As I have said already in this series the major concern most DBA’s have when virtualising SQL Server is performance. I think this is actually a bit of myth for a number reasons: Virtualisation just keeps getting better.  This is down to a partnership between the hardware and software industries. We have had a couple… Read more

Web Development & SQL Server Express part 3 – Development

In part 3 of my odyssey into the world of express development I’m ready to actually start development.  I have a virtual machine (vm) with Microsoft’s free web development kit installed which comprises Visual Studio 2008 express for development and SQL Server 2008 express for my data repository.  On top of this I also selected… Read more

SQL Server upgrade perception and reality

I had two contrasting conversation about upgrade to SQL Server 2008 yesterday. A good friend of mine Darren is keen to use SQL Server 2008 for his new projects because he understands how it makes much better use of the many cores available on his new servers and works well with Windows Server 2008.  Conversely… Read more

SQL Bits the SQL

Following the huge success of SQL Bits last year Tony Rogerson and the UK SQL Server Community have planned the SQL for 1st March at the Lakeside Conference Centre Aston University Birmingham B4 7ET Like last time it’s on a Saturday and there will be four tracks as well as sessions by the sponsors :… Read more