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Drinking the Champagne – SQL Server 2012 on Windows Server 8

Dogfood is the commonly described term for running your own beta software, however I prefer the term drinking your own champagne and to that end I have spent  a days leave today playing Window Server 8.   Yes its very different to what you have seen before and rather like having the decorators in while you… Read more

Cloud Cookery class

Cooks would rather not wash up, and the best chefs have someone else do the shopping prepare the vegetables etc. and often end up planning and managing the menus and kitchens. In our IT professional world I would rather not worry about patching, I hate doing all the repetitive boring stuff and would rather work… Read more

System Center Advisor– now live

I remember hearing about a Project Houston about a year ago, a cunning plan to allow Microsoft to check the heath of your SQL Server databases and the operating system it sits on. It is now live and it’s called System Center Advisor. It works by using an internet gateway server you setup which in… Read more

Notes from IT Camp, Leeds 28th Feb

Simon and I did our first IT camp in Leeds on Tuesday, and I would like to say thank you to those that cam along as you were the beta testers for this new kind of event.  As you can see we had a much more informal setup of groups of 8 or 9 around… Read more

Data Centre Resource Planning and System Center 2012

Most of us like have the proper tools for the job; trying to undo Phillips screws with a penknife, using your gold card to get the ice off the windscreen or using notepad to write F# is no fun. I would argue that the proper tool for running a modern Data Centre is System Center… Read more

Managing a hybrid cloud with System Center 2012

Hybrid cloud is the term applied to the increasingly common scenario where a business runs some of its services in the public cloud but retains some on premises, although it is also possible to use assets from both to provide a service as well.  For some business this is just a transitional step as more… Read more

Microsoft System Center and BMC Management Tools Integration and Interaction

In his second guest post Greg Charman from Kelverion has a look at BMC integration. Many customers have made large investments in both Microsoft System Center and BMC Datacenter Management Tools. Historically integrating these two vendors product sets has been challenging and time consuming.With the purchase of Opalis (an IT Process Automation Solution) in December… Read more

Exploiting Orchestrator – Tips to avoid the hidden bear traps

Following on from my last post about getting started with System Center 2012 Orchestrator, I asked a good friend of mine Greg Charman from Kelverion, to share some of his experience.   System Center 2012 Orchestrator and its predecessor Opalis 6.3 are a very new subject to many IT Professionals and using IT Process Automation… Read more

Superglue now available for System Center 2012

One of my frustrations to date when showing off System Center 2012 is that it doesn’t quite fit together yet; each of the individual products is in beta and works pretty well, however joining them up is not there yet.  This is not because there’s a flaw in the line up or missing functionality, it’s… Read more