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SQL Server 2008 and end user ad hoc reporting

In my opinion the weak link in reporting services is that there is no tool for information workers to design their own reports and so IT professioanls have to spend a lot of time doing it for them.  I can see there is a place for these reports: They will be accurate or at least give… Read more

Performance Point 2007 and ProClarity Licensing

As many of you know Whitehaven has gone digital today amongst quite a lot of confusion.  I must admit I am struggling to to see the point of staying analog and quite what the fuss is about given that a freeview box costs as little as £20. The story around Performance Point and ProClarity still… Read more

SQL Server Upgrade Advisor

One of the things that made me smile at my launch presentation on upgrading SQL Server was that when I asked if everyone had heard of the upgrade advisor everyone in the room put their hands up. This is because most of the support issues raised by customers about upgrade use this template… DBA: My… Read more

After Hours – Canon EOS talking to a Surface Pro over wifi

Please note This an after hours post, specifically about connecting a Canon EOS 6D to windows 8/8.1.  I have written it for two reasons -  so I can remember how to do it and because this you might need to do something like this for a camera enthusiast that you know who isn’t a networking… Read more

Lab Ops 7 – Setting up a pooled VDI collection in Windows Server 2012 R2

In Windows Server you can create two kinds of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), personal or pooled.  A personal collection is a bit like a company car scheme where everyone chooses their own car. This means there needs to be car for everyone even if they are on leave or sick etc. and each car needs… Read more

SQL Server 2008 – Hierarchy ID Data Type

To show this we need to create a table with the new data type.. create table [dbo].Organisation (   DepartmentID int primary key nonclustered,   DepartmentName varchar(100) not null,     DepartmentHierarchyNode hierarchyid not null,   DepartmentHierarchyLevel as DepartmentHierarchyNode.GetLevel() persisted   — plus any other columns you need ) Note the level is a derived function of… Read more

Data Mining not dead, but possibly forgotten

With the launch of SQL Server 2008 R2 and SQL Server Denali ctp3 there has been ever more BI functionality built in but nothing has been mentioned about the strange world of data mining. Data mining has been in SQL Server since analysis services was launched but I have rarely seen it being used –… Read more

Virtualized SQL Server

  [Note the information in this post is now way out of date, so please refer to my post here instead.. Thanks Andrew] I get more and more questions about SQL Server running in a Virtual machine so here’s 3 FAQs to start with… 1. Is there Support for SQL Server on non Microsoft… Read more

Windows Server 2008 Foundation – a new home for SQL Server

A new edition of Windows Server 2008 got launched yesterday Windows Server 2008 Foundation which will only be shipped on a range of appropriate servers.  It supports 15 users, 8gb RAM and 1 processor  (but no core limit).  I can see that many small business might want to use this as their central server where… Read more