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Windows Server 2012 IT camps

I have been out in the US for the past four weeks, and during my absence the rest of the UK TechNet team have filled my diary with various events including the next series of IT camps.  These camps will all be  on Windows Server 2012 specifically around how virtualisation changes in this release not… Read more

Dell and Hyper-V for the smaller business

Over the last month I have been on tour with Dell showing what Hyper-V can do for small/medium businesses,  and later this week I’ll be with them in Falmouth.  The argument they put forward for Hyper-V is really simple: You want use a new server for virtualisation, and now that moderns servers can run ten… Read more

Microsoft, and Hadoop for Big Data

Despite common misconceptions Microsoft now has extensive interoperability with open source technologies for example you can run a php application on Azure, get support from us to run RedHat, SUSE or CentOs on Hyper-V and manage your applications from System Center. ,  So extending this approach to the world of big data with Hadoop is… Read more

Hyper-V Snapshots in Production

It’s sometimes quite difficult to talk and think at the same time, and at our camps last week I think we may have caused some confusion around snapshots for virtual machines (VM) that are in production so I wanted to write this up from first principles so that I have somewhere to refer to in… Read more

PowerShell convert

Back in the day I worked with this amazing guy James O’Neill (@jamesoneill)  who really got into PowerShell and had it doing all sorts of clever things like geo tagging his dive photos based on data form his watch and camera.  On the serious side he developed a PowerShell Configurator (which is still on Codeplex)with… Read more

SQL Relay Notes and Queries

I wanted to something different for SQL Relay last week as this is a community driven event and I didn’t want to cover areas that the other experts on the Relay team would cover. This left some gaps and I have had several follow up questions via twitter and e-mail which I want to cover… Read more

Hyper-V security

Curiously one of the topics we hardly ever get asked about at our IT Camps is security in Hyper-V.  Perhaps it’s because you all have total confidence in our approach security, or you already have the facts to hand, but more likely is that you forgot to ask about because it’s not top of your… Read more

SQL Relay 2012

Four cities,  in four days makes for one tired evangelist, so why am I doing SQL Relay with the SQL community I hear you ask.  Well that’s your answer really -  I can’t hear you ask anything when I am sat in darkest Surrey blogging away so I am actually doing these events not so… Read more

Business Intelligence for the Private Cloud part 1

If you have looked at any of the new components of System Center 2012 you may have noticed that everyone seems to have a bunch of reports, some of them have data marts or data warehouses and some of them have analytics in the form of analysis services cubes.  Apart from the confusion over when… Read more