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BETT Notes and queries

I am at BETT the largest education IT show in Europe for primary and secondary education , and attended by many IT Professionals who work in schools. As you can imagine we get a lot of very interesting questions and Simon and I are there to field them as best we can. I also had… Read more

A gentle introduction to Opalis, Automating the Ordinary

I go to many sites and get offered a lot of coffee , however it never turns out he same as there is no standard automated process to make coffee, there are different steps in the process, and of course people are on different versions for milk sugar and coffee. Most of the coffee is… Read more

SCE Sunday Part 10 – Backup

Over the last few weeks I have managed to setup most of the elements of Systems Center Essentials 2010 (SCE) and having put some time and effort into this I want to ensure my work is saved, in case I break it or my demo environment breaks.  Being a DBA and knowing that SCE uses… Read more

Making sense of SQL Azure reporting

In order to understand why you might want use the new Reporting Services in SQL Azure you need to understand where it fits and in order to do that you need to know a little bit about how reporting services works, and even what it is if you’re new SQL Server but have perhaps heard… Read more

Looking backwards over a decade of Microsoft BI

It was in early 2000 if memory serves that I first used OLAP Services in SQL Server 7 and Cognos Novaview 1.0 and ten years later I wondered, as you do at this time of the year, what has changed and what will the future bring? and specifically  is there a future for the BI… Read more

Five New Year’s Resolutions for 2011

I  think a lot of people, IT Professionals included are worried about the year ahead, so here are some likely problems and my new year resolutions: Energy prices are spiralling This means the cost of moving whole atoms rather than just electrons is even more pronounced than ever, so moving data ( a stream of… Read more

SCE Sunday part 9 – Authoring continued

When I made my last System Center Essentials video on authoring , I realised there was too much to cover in a 5 minute video so I wanted to show some more again this this week. What I don’t want to do is to cover off too much of the deep dive stuff here, as… Read more