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Management Reporter – the new FRx

  One of the worst reporting headaches is producing output for the finance department.  The reports need to meet strict standards, be penny perfect, and the end user always wants the report to be in excel.  With reporting services in SQL Server 2005 this could be done by the IT department but the real solution… Read more

Report Builder 2.0 released

Typical, you spend a day off line at a team building exercise and then you find that the SQL Server team have released Report Builder 2.0 to a fanfare of silence.  To rewind a bit Report Builder 2.0 sort of replaces Report Builder 1.0 that came with SQL Server 2005.  The two tools are as… Read more

Microsoft VDA and Windows Embedded – A game changer for VDI?

If you are following me on Twitter then you may have noticed that a few of my friends are reviewing a book I am writing on VDI for PackT.  I wanted to write this up as a one shop stop on all you needed to know about implementing Microsoft based VDI using the various Remote… Read more

SQL Server 2008 Sparse Columns

Sparse Columns are another new feature of SQL Server 2008 and are included in the February CTP (CTP6). They pretty much do what they say on the tin; offering a trade-off between taking more space to hold data, but none at all when they are empty.  They don’t get you over the 1024 column limit,… Read more

SQL Server Migration

I knew that there was a toolkit to help move an application from Oracle to SQL Server, but I hadn’t appreciated that there was one for Sybase and Access these also now come in two flavours, one to move you to SQL Server 2005, and one for SQL Server 2008: SQL Server 2005 Migration Assistant… Read more

Missing Snipping Tool in Windows 7

I live my little snipping tool to capture bits of screen to share tips and stuff on this blog and in my decks, but since I moved to in Windows 7 it’s gone aaarrghh! Annoyingly all my mates (both of them) have got it on their machines so where did it go? Apparently it’s part… Read more

SQL Server 2008 RC0

I was going to post about how to search full text in SQL server 2008, but hold the phone SQL Server 2008 is now at RC0 on TechNet plus subscriptions here.  There are 2 reasons for me mentioning this: It’s not on connect yet so this is one reason for getting a TechNet direct subscription… Read more

SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services no longer depends on IIS

It sometimes seems impossible to keep everyone happy all the time.  The Reporting Services predict team thought it would be a good idea to remove the dependency on IIS in SQL Server 2008, to make it easier to configure and to reduce the attack surface of the report server. However, there have been some concerns… Read more

SQL Server 2012 – Always On

There have always been several ways to do high availability in SQL Server, but choosing the right one has always been difficult as each approach has obvious benefits coupled with unavoidable limitations: Clustering looks after a whole instance of SQL Server containing many databases and is completely transparent to an application. However shared storage adds… Read more