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I sometimes think the IT industry is a bit like a load of penguins on the pack ice, each one checking the others out to see who going to brave the ocean first.  In IT it’s nervousness about when to jump onto a new technology and if there is one technology that makes IT professionals really nervous then that would be cloud.  So when Microsoft launched the Cloud OS, there was always going to be a some nervousness about it and a reluctance to jump in and try it no matter what it did or how good or bad it was.  However there are some pioneers out there who have already implemented the cloud OS and some of these  are MVPs (Microsoft Valued Penguins Professionals), as they not only try out the new stuff like the Cloud OS, they share their knowledge ad experience as early adopters. Moreover unlike me they are independent, and although well connected into Microsoft they can on occasion be very vocal when they feel there is a real problem or missing feature in a new product.

There are about 200 MVPs based in the UK and some of the best of them have decided to run a series on the Cloud OS where they can share what they are doing with it and what they have learned by implementing this in production.  The event runs 9th-13th Septembers in Microsoft’s London Offices and the agenda looks like this..


Monday 9th September

Please register to attend either track 1 or track 2:

· Track 1 will focus on building the modern enterprise data platform. In a series of three presentations we will tackle the issues of architecture, application frameworks, data integration and data exchange; learning all about the challenges faced by the modern data tier developer. Most importantly, we will learn how to creatively overcome them by enhancing our processing efficiency and analytical capability. Register to attend

· Track 2 will focus on the creation of Business Intelligence and advanced analytics solutions that utilise both structured and un-structured data. We will demonstrate the use of data mining and predictive analytics technologies and also demonstrate how advanced visualisation technologies can be used by business users to deliver the insight and action required to drive real value from data.

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Tuesday 10th September

Each session will demonstrate how to:

· Deliver best practices with Windows Server 2012 R2 and System Center 2012 R2

· Lower costs through effective management of VMware and Hyper-V

· Enable management of datacentres of any size!

· Drive automation of complex applications with service templates

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Wednesday 11th September

Sessions will include:

· Windows Azure Service Bus

· Windows Azure BizTalk Services

· Microsoft BizTalk Server (both on-premise and Cloud Virtual Machine)

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Thursday 12th September at the Microsoft Office, London, Victoria

Join leading MVPs for a one day event to understand how to manage your client devices in a single tool while reducing costs and simplifying management. Best of all, you can leverage your existing tools and infrastructure.

Sessions will include:

· Helping with data security and compliance

· Unified device management

· What powers people-centric IT with Cloud OS?

· Real World customer examples

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Friday 13th September

The explosion in devices, connectivity, data and the Cloud is changing the way we develop and deliver software.  New infrastructure services permit existing server applications to be “lifted & shifted” into the Cloud.  Attend a one day event to hear from MVPs about how Microsoft’s data platform and development tools enable you to develop, test, and deploy applications faster than ever.

Sessions will include:

· Infrastructure services,

· Media services,

· Service Bus  & Mobile services

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So please register and pppick up an MVP, and learn about what this Cloud OS is really all about.