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So You want to be an Evangelist

With my job title of Evangelist I often get asked about what my roles, both inside and outside of the Microsoft firewall.  In the 2 weeks I have presented to the Leeds VM User Group (, done a careers chat at a Science college, produced and presented at TechDays Online nd attended SQL Bits 11..


So it’s a lot of presenting, blogging and explaining stuff.  Of course you can only blog about what you know about, so Simon and I spend a lot of time learning how Microsoft technology works, and talking to IT Professionals about what they are doing and the challenges they face.  I hope this gives some credibility both online and in person and given you are reading this that seems to be working.  Our knowledge acquisition goes on all the time but occasionally it’s good to commit longer periods of time to it and so we get the opportunity to go to things like TechEd in Madrid.  For me this checks all the boxes and gives me the chance to hang out with the Microsoft product teams who present at this sort of event. 

As an Evangelist I don’t have to pay for my flights, hotel or entry fee, Microsoft pick all of that up for me. In return I will write posts, work up ideas for future presentations and share stories good and bad about how our products are actually being used. 

The question is do you fancy being evangelist for a week and come out with our team to Madrid on Microsoft expenses?  if you do then you’ll want to enter the TechEd Challenge



From here you can either enter a draw for a place or compete for one of three further places by writing a blog post to show off your evangelist skills.  Full details of the prizes are here, good luck and hopefully see you there