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Evaluate This – Multi-server management

My favourite feature in Windows Server 2012 is it’s ability to manage and be managed.  For those of you that aren’t yet PowerShell fans, then this means Server Manager and that’s the main thing I am using in this screencast..


In a small business you could get away with just using server manager and PowerShell to manage your servers, and in my opinion you’ll be fine where the number of server you have (physical plus virtual) is less than about a hundred). However when you get close to that you need to start thinking about dedicated management tools like System Center 2012


You can manage older servers (back to Windows Server 2008 & 2008 R2), but you’ll need to pull down the Windows Management Framework 3.0, and then run winrm quickconfig  if you aren’t already remotely managing them.

You might want to run all these tools from Windows 8, rather than connecting to a server via remote desktop. You’ll want to download the Remote Server Administrator Tools (RSAT).  before you ask, RSAT for Windows Server 2012 can only be installed to Windows 8 , in the same way that RSAT for 2008R2 only works form Windows 7.