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Evaluate This – Multi-server management

My favourite feature in Windows Server 2012 is it’s ability to manage and be managed.  For those of you that aren’t yet PowerShell fans, then this means Server Manager and that’s the main thing I am using in this screencast..   In a small business you could get away with just using server manager and… Read more

Evaluate This–DHCP Failover

Having looked at how NIC teaming makes the best use of your network card in my last video I wanted to explore another networking feature in Windows Server 2012, DHCP Failover..     You might be wondering why this matters given that split scopes have been around for ages and you can also create a… Read more

Evaluate This – NIC teaming

In the third in this video series I wanted to show you NIC Teaming.. which is how you can provide a single network interface from multiple interface even if these are from different manufacturers. That’s why in the video below I have used some Belkin USB Ethernet adapters combined with the on-board network card on… Read more

Evaluate This–an Introduction to Hyper-V

Hopefully you will have read the introduction to our Evaluate This series and are now ready to start to have a look at how stuff works in Windows Server 2102. The obvious place to start is Hyper-V as in subsequent videos in the series well need a number of virtual machine, and not everyone knows… Read more