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SQL Relay 2012

Four cities,  in four days makes for one tired evangelist, so why am I doing SQL Relay with the SQL community I hear you ask.  Well that’s your answer really -  I can’t hear you ask anything when I am sat in darkest Surrey blogging away so I am actually doing these events not so much to speak as to listen.  For a start we have some of the best experts on SQL Server in the world giving up their time to go on tour as well so I can learn from them.  More importantly I am interested in what’s going on with SQL Server in the real world; are you virtualised, are you still on SQL Server 2005 or even 2000, and are you dedicated or is SQL just something you do in between Exchange, and Active Directory.


With lots of Power% and %Point stuff in SQL Server I thought I might skip the actual PowerPoint to avoid confusion.  I also want my talk to be based on what you want to hear about so if you do plan to go:

  • Edinburgh 21 May
  • Manchester 22 May
  • Birmingham 23 May
  • Bristol 24 May

and the following we’ll be in London on 30 May

Please register, and then drop me a tweet (@deepfat) or a drop me an e-mail with your questions comments or suggestions, and I’ll see if I can get some swag for those who send me ideas