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Drinking the Champagne – SQL Server 2012 on Windows Server 8

Dogfood is the commonly described term for running your own beta software, however I prefer the term drinking your own champagne and to that end I have spent  a days leave today playing Window Server 8.   Yes its very different to what you have seen before and rather like having the decorators in while you are away it can  be difficult to find your old stuff when you return. However the new UI is a lot cleaner and once you know what your doing you will be more productive than you are now. 

Anyway a server OS is not much use without services running on it so I thought I would see if SQL Server 2012 would be at home here now that it’s been released.  The first thing I do when installing SQL Server is to declare the server as an application server by adding that role, which adds in the .Net framework.  SQL Server 2012 needs the >Net Framework 3.5 sp1 and to get that onto Windows Server 8 you’ll need it connected to the internet when you add the feature in, as it’s not included in the install media (as I found out at #SQLBits).  So having got that installed..

ijnstalled features

I can then crack on with the install.  notice that the SQL installer does tell you about this in the install screen bottom right below..

feature selection showing net 35

I imagine the SQL installer will do this for you but you’ll need that internet connection for it to work.

Anyway after a clean install I know get a load of icons on my metro desktop..

tidy up

Right clicking on any of these means you can remove them and of course drag them round as you need to.  You might wonder what that interface is doing on a server OS.  My answer would be that many of us manage servers via remote desktop and if your client device has touch then this interface will work well with that.

I also included Reporting Services in my install to see if that would work and it does..

report managerl

Although I had to turn on IE compatibility mode as it didn’t render quite as it should.

Of course this is all just evaluation as we are a long way from releasing Windows Server 8 and I would imagine that there will be a service pack of SQL Server 2012 that will fix any issues when Server 8 does come out.

I will be doing SQL Relay for Tony Rogerson in May (Edinburgh, Manchester, Birmingham & Bristol) and I’ll have this running if you want to know more.