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Cloud Cookery class

Cooks would rather not wash up, and the best chefs have someone else do the shopping prepare the vegetables etc. and often end up planning and managing the menus and kitchens. In our IT professional world I would rather not worry about patching, I hate doing all the repetitive boring stuff and would rather work on projects.  Essentially that’s the promise of the cloud, so I am continually surprised that so many of you don’t get it, possibly you don’t think this stuff applies to you.

I have been trying to explain this at the various IT Camps we have been running up and down the country, but I also got a cameo role on cloud at SQL Bits with my good friend Buck Woody.  We were filmed so that should be out on the SQL Bits portal in the next month, but we also shot a 2 minute intro while he was making pizza at my house..

Which I hope you enjoy as much as we enjoyed his proper American pizza!