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Installing Denali ctp3–how hard can it be

l forget sometimes that installing SQL Server isn’t that straightforward, in part because it is now so much more than the database engine, that was SQL Server 7 when I started.  I also think its important that you understand the choices you are making when installing it although many of these can be undone by reconfiguration later on.  I was wondering how to make this easier and I decided that my usual approach of recording an installation might not be that helpful so I have made a PowerPoint deck instead and stuck it on my SkyDrive account.

The deck covers four separate tasks to help you put together a complete Denali based  BI demo on one server:

Part 1.  the install everything to the default instance, so the database engine plus all the BI stuff, specifically:

  • Analysis services in its new tabular mode
  • Reporting Services in SharePoint integrated mode

Part 2. Install SharePoint and then install SQL Server Analysis Services in SharePoint integrated mode to its named instance of PowerPivot

Part 3. Another installation of Analysis Services this time in multidimensional (OLAP) mode to another instance of SQL Server.

Part 4. Setup reporting services in SharePoint integrated mode. This is done in a very different way to previous version of SQL Server; With Denali Reporting Services is an application service in SharePoint

I have included screenshots for every step of the process and annotated these in the notes at the bottom of each slide and you should end up with this in management studio..


plus having PowerPivot working in SharePoint as well as integrated reporting Services.

If you are trying that out for yourself then you’ll need:

Finally you might need some data , and reports to see all of this working and that’s on Codeplex.