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Get your own best of the Microsoft Management Summit bits

Many of us couldn’t afford to make it Vegas for the MMS 2011 so in the UK last month the UK TechNet team put together a one day event Best of MMS and we managed to get quite a few of the US speakers over for that.  However that day was quickly sold out, and I know many of you couldn’t get to it because it’s now very hard to get a day out of the office, and justify travelling expenses etc. So everything was filmed and you can now watch these here as well as download all the decks from the day.

However watching someone else playing with all the new stuff or making sense of a side deck from an event you didn’t go to is only so exciting, personally I would rather have a go myself and now we can..

The System Center engineering team has announced its Community Evaluation Program (CEP).  Members of this program are able to evaluate early versions of products with guidance from the product team and by sharing of experiences and best practices among a community of peers.  Multiple programs are now open and accepting applications including:

Configuration Manager 2012 Beta 2 – Program starts April 2011

· Download the Datasheet

· Apply to Configuration Manager CEP

Virtual Machine Manager 2012 Beta – Program starts May 2011

· Download the Datasheet

· Apply to Virtual Machine Manager CEP

Forefront Identity Manager 2010 R2 – Program starts June 2011

· Download the Datasheet

· Apply to Forefront Identity Manager CEP

Orchestrator 2012 Beta – Program starts June 2011

· Download the Datasheet

· Apply to Orchestrator CEP

Operations Manager 2012 Beta – Program starts July 2011

· Download the Datasheet

· Apply to Operations Manager CEP

To apply and for more information about the program, please visit Microsoft Connect

I’ll also be knocking out a few install and configure videos as I find the best way to learn is to explain to someone else.