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Dear Diary

Good diary management is career mission critical at Microsoft and may well be the same for you and if it is I have some free stuff for you to try. The Microsoft BI team have issued a calendar analytics spreadsheet that shows you how you are spending your time. It works by connecting to exchange and picks up the appointments for a named e-mail account and then stuffs the data into PowerPivot The spreadsheet has got all sorts of analytics in it and an instruction tab to show you how to get it working.  It’s also Office 365 aware so if you have your e-mail in that then this will still work. 

Here’s what it looks like with my diary for May 2011..


If this sounds interesting then you need to get the PowerPivot add-in for Excel (you’ll need Excel 2010 and there is an x86 and x64 version of this).  Then you need to download and install the Calendar Analytics spreadsheet which will end up on your desktop.  Initially it will have dummy data in and to get it to pick up your diary follow the instructions on the instructions tab.

I wonder what this would look like for Dr Who!