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SCE Sunday the boxed set

I have now completed my tour of Systems Center Essentials (SCE) 2010 and here is the complete list of videos and posts for this series:

Part 1 installation
Part 2 Post installation Configuration

Part 3 Post setup administration

Part 4 Computer Administration

Part 5 Monitoring

Part 6 Managing updates

Part 7 Software deployment

Part 8 Authoring

Part 9 Authoring continued

Part 10 SCE Backup  

Part 11 Restoring SCE

Part 12 Virtual Machine Management

Part 13 Reporting

Hopefully that’s all of some use and shows how SCE can provide a comprehensive view of your IT infrastructure to ensure you know about any problems and can respond to them before the help desk phones start ringing. SCE is included in  the TechNet Subscriptions  here or you can get a time bombed trial version here and I would also recommend looking at the SCE deployment guide and SCE Operations Guide which will enable you to get going in the real world.