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SCE Sunday part 12 – Virtual machine management

My demo environment for this series on System Center Essentials 2010 (SCE) is all running one one laptop running Hyper-V, so it is very easy to show off the virtual machine management capabilities of SCE that have been inherited from System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM). However as I only have one host I can’t show all of its features:

  • Live migration – the process of moving a running virtual machine (VM) from one server to another which is simply a right click.
  • PRO (Performance and Resource Optimisation) tips, which work just as they do in SCVMM and in System Center Operations Manager (SCOM).  For more on this check the SCVMM blog here.

what you can see here is the way all the SCVMM integration disappears into SCE so you just get one view of what’s going on.

Note: For the PowerShell fans, you also have access to all of the power of SCVMM, although if you are getting that deep into management it might be time to upscale to SCVMM anyway.

Next week I’ll look at what how SCE reports on what is happening in your infrastructure and how you can extend this. In the meantime, If you want to try SCE yourself it’s included in the TechNet Subscriptions  here or you can get a time bombed trial version here.