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Project Atlanta part 3–Monitoring

In the last part of my series on Project Atlanta, the new cloud based SQL monitoring tool from Microsoft, I have it setup to watch my BI server and left it running for a couple of days  before making this screen cast..

As you can see you get 3 different views of the server:

  • How it is now
  • How it has changed between each snapshot. by default a snapshot is sent every day form the Atlanta agent on the SQL Server to the gateway on onward to the Atlanta service running in the cloud
  • Actions that the service has identified. Each action has three tabs:
    • the action itself
    • the Technical background for the action such as a link to a KB article
    • the context – the html detailing the issue

Also the actions can be closed off as you choose to resolve or ignore them

It is early days for this kind of tool and the project team need you to try it out  (the beta is here)  and for you to post any feedback on the Atlanta page on Microsoft Connect.