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Project Atlanta part 2–Installation

Following on from last post I thought I had better fire up Atlanta to see what it cold find out about my demon environment. I made this screencast as I installed and configured it ..

It only took a few minutes to get to the stage where I had two servers, one (Oxford-DC, a server with no SQL Server on ) as the gateway and my BI demo (BI 2010) environment with just the agent on ..


By default, the data then gets fed into Atlanta from my environment every day (which can be changed) so I need to leave it overnight to see what advice and warnings I get from the service, and so my next post will cover that.

The help online is extensive, but here’s a few things I noticed to get you started..

  • Both the gateway and agent service on each computer will write out to the application log. For the Gateway 1100 means all is well (see the gateway trouble shooting guide) and for the agent success is 1000 (see the agent trouble shooting guide).
  • The configuration guide shows you how to tweak the registry settings in the agent and gateway to control how often data is uploaded to Atlanta and when. I imagine this will be sharpened up for release.
  • Project Atlanta works on all editions of SQL Server 2008 and later

You can sign up for the beta here and you should also post any feedback on the Atlanta page on Microsoft Connect