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Conversations on the Cloud

One way to get interesting interviews is to put a group of people with differing views in a room and fire up the cameras.  So when Zane Adam (general manager for Azure) was over for IPExpo we thought is would be interesting to get him to talk to some of the leading lights in the Vmware community about his vision for the cloud.  The result is on showcase here..

We then got everyones’ reaction to this on film, including a few of my friends form the London Vmware user group like Barry Coombs..

We also wanted to get his vision on how the role of the  IT Professionals will change as more companies move some or all of their services to the cloud, so we made this..

You might well be thinking that this all has nothing to do with you, your organisation will never have any cloud services and you can’t seen any future in it for you.  Perhaps the idea of cloud services is as ridiculous as the idea that there would be a PC in every home seemed 30 years ago, but surely if you are working in IT you expect change and this is the big bet that all the major players in the industry are agreed on, and agreement in our industry is pretty rare>

So please watch and learn.