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Support calls in TechNet Subscriptions

If you are an IT professional working with Microsoft products you need a TechNet subscription in the same way you need food.  A TechNet subscription shouldn’t be confused with the publicly available TechNet site (including this blog)  and it isn’t just a bunch of license keys either.  One of the least known features is the 2 x support calls included in a TechNet professional subscription, which can easily be worth more than entire the cost of subscription.

However one piece of advice is that it takes time  (possibly a couple of days) to activate them before you can use them so you need to get yourself setup as soon as you get your subscription and not wait until the excrement hits the air conditioning (to quote Kurt Vonnegut).  To do this you need to phone 0844 800 2400  (in the UK, other numbers are here) to get an Access ID, before you can raise a call. 

Just so you know!