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TechEd Berlin Day 1

Simon and i are at TechEd Berlin all week,

TechEd Berlin 049

his post on the keynote is here.  I didn’t get to that as I was setting up BI demos al day on the SQL Server stand. I got asked a couple of interesting SQL Server questions I thought I would share:

I have SQL Server 2008 but not R2 what BI features do I get in SharePoint 2010 compared withe SQL Server 2005 / SharePoint 2007? You can still integrate reporting services into SharePoint 2010 and this is much easier to do now. The reports will run more quickly in integrated mode and you get some really nice charts  and gauges (although no maps or sparklines).

Why did you kill Performance Point? Most of what was in Performance Point is simply included in SharePoint 2010 enterprise edition. The exception to this is the planning capabilities which were deprecated.  If you need a Microsoft centric planning tool then there a re a couple of partners who have solutions for this.  On the plus side the decomposition tress and other visualisations have all been improved and there is only a small amount of configuration required in SharePoint to turn Performance Point on.

I am now in the process of installing Denali ctp1 so if all is well I can share an early look at this tomorrow