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SCE Sunday part 6 – Managing Updates

Possibly the best thing about System Center Essentials 2010 (SCE) is the way it takes the pain out of managing updates.  My video on how it does this is here.. While the free Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) does some of this, I particularly like the way SCE quickly shows what’s going on, handles superseding… Read more

SQL Server performance in a virtual world

Despite doing quite a few posts and talks on Virtualising SQL Server, I am still getting the odd comment on earlier posts, so please forgive this if you have heard it all before. Firstly these are my musings on the topic to date: Virtualisation for the DBA part 1  – Are you bovvered? Virtualisation for… Read more

Discovering Autism with Microsoft Surface

I met Freena Eijffinger again at this year’s at TechEd Berlin after doing some cartons for her film crew last years and she casually mentioned she has been given a Microsoft Surface .  Her company (FreenaNL Multiouch) is developing an application to diagnose autism in children and the robust nature of Surface (it uses cameras… Read more

SCE Sunday part 5 – Monitoring

In part 5 of my tour of System Center Essentials 2010 , I have done a tour of monitoring: One thing I did notice since I made the last part of this series was the alarming rate at which my SCE machine was growing.  This happened because I hadn’t turned on the maintenance in SCE….. Read more

Windows Server 2008 R2 Active Directory–ADAC

TIn the last in my “What’s new in active directory in Windows Server 2008 R2” mini series I wanted to introduce the Active Directory Administrative Center (ADAC). This is a simple deployable client to enable users who have limited experience of active directory to carry out routine tasks like adding users and resetting passwords.  It’s… Read more

Windows Server 2008 R2 Active Directory–Recycle Bin

With  Recycle Bin now available I may now be able to get a job in Active Directory, as it provides recovery form the sort of finger trouble I occasionally suffer from.  To use it you need to turn on the feature and this ironically cannot be undone, as it changes the way deletes are handled… Read more

Windows Server 2008 R2 Active Directory – PowerShell

Following on from yesterday’s post I realised that I had made a couple of other active directory screencasts, which might be useful.  Probably the most important  feature for me would be the new recycle bin, but before I get to that you need to understand that like the newer versions of Exchange, some nobs and… Read more

Windows Server 2008 R2 Active Directory – Offline Domain Join

I was in Leeds yesterday at the Virtual machine User Group.. Alan and I were handing out a few Windows Server 2008 R2 architecture posters, when Tom Howarth  a well known virtual machine expert, spotted the Offline Domain Join feature.  He thought this would be really useful in provisioning client virtual machines for VDI. In… Read more

SCE Sunday part 4 – Computer Administration

If you are following this series especially on RSS, I must apologise as I got the order of the videos and posts out of synch and hopefully this is now sorted. In part 4 of my tour of System Center Essentials 2010 (SCE 2010)  , I have done a tour of the computers tab in… Read more