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SQL Server spatial stuff on Codeplex

The net is awash with more reruns than Dave and so I try and be brutal about not doing too much rebroadcasting myself, so here’s a rare exception and I hope if spatial is your thing then these two things are are really useful:

I have just spotted a quick way to get rich mapping information on to Bing Maps directly without using reporting services.  There’s a new project on Codeplex call the Data Connector which makes the whole process of using SQL server with Bing maps..


One problem I have mentioned before is that in SQL Server 2008 R2 there are shape files for the US, the rest of the world is missing. So there is another codeplex project, MapGallery to encourage you to upload and share shape files. It’s run by the community in this case Diego Nogare. I see the UK (although less than Northern Ireland) is already there courtesy for my friend Robert Edgson.