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SQL Server spatial stuff on Codeplex

The net is awash with more reruns than Dave and so I try and be brutal about not doing too much rebroadcasting myself, so here’s a rare exception and I hope if spatial is your thing then these two things are are really useful: I have just spotted a quick way to get rich mapping… Read more

Why I use IE9

The obvious answer to this question is I am an evangelist who works fro Microsoft and while that is true just bear with me for a paragraph or two. You’ll probably like the speed and clean looks of this incarnation of IE, you might like the side by side comparison option by tearing off tabs,… Read more

SCE Sunday part 2 – configuration

Last week I showed you how to install System Center Essentials 2010 (SCE) and this week I want to move onto configuration. When SCE finishes installing it  will open automatically and then present you with a wizard to help you configure the various options in one simple process. You can ignore this and do each… Read more

War on Cost 2010

I used to talk to a number of universities about business intelligence, balanced scorecards et al. I could see that lights were coming on and that this basic use of information to drive decision making was both new and a good idea.   This might not seem to be odd until you realise that these same… Read more

Microsoft Support Calls

3 basic life skills: You don’t give your car keys or house keys to strangers.  You only trust certain friends and family to look after your young children while you go out for dinner.  You only let people fiddle with your computer you trust. I mention the last one because there are increasing reports of… Read more

System Centre Configuration Manager 2007 R3– going for green

I have never heard of an R3 of a Microsoft product before so I wanted to know more about what’s in SCCM 2007 R3 now it’s been released.  First of all the R3 suffix is about Microsoft being clear on the differences between release service packs etc.  A release is about added functionality without changes… Read more

SCE Sunday – part 1 installation

Years ago I spent many a happy Sunday afternoon watching the SKI Sunday on the off chance a hapless brit would avoid the orange crash barriers and post a decent score. In porbably the most tenous link on any blog System Center Essentials or SCE is pronounced SKI by the engineering team that developed it…. Read more

Business Intelligence & Cognitive Psychology

One of the most interesting session at the recent SQL Bits 7 was Jen Stirrup’s talk on use of charts in reporting services, partly because I am a failed graphic designer by training and partly the study I made of it for my MSc at the OU.  What she has done is to explain the… Read more