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3 clouds and a screen

No I haven’t got the numbers the wrong way round, the three clouds I am referring to are the three tracks we have put together for TechDays on 8th October and the screen is where you’ll be watching it as this is Online rather than in person. Those three tracks are:

  • Cirrus Room – A high-level summary of the key technologies in the Windows Azure Platform such as App Fabric from Microsoft UK experts
  • Altocumulus – Hear from companies who have already developed for Azure including
  • Stratocumulus – Get down to the low level clouds in our deeper technical sessions

While this is a developer focused event, IT Professionals need to understand some of this as the cloud isn’t going away and Azure services still need to be managed in order to integrate with the on premise infrastructure. So there will certainly be sessions in the top two tracks that will be of interest. 

As ever the sessions will be recorded if you can’t make the date but the value of listening live is that you can participate with questions to the speakers. I’ll be there to ensure those questions are answered by our panel of experts , and to learn some of the deeper stuff myself.