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Sharepoint Saturday

SharePoint Saturday UK 2-10-2010

User groups should be run and managed by Microsoft users, so I am really pleased to see SharePoint experts Tony Pounder, Brett Lonsdale and Mark Macrae , taking a lot of time and effort to run the first SharePoint Saturday in the UK. I have seen how successful SQLBIts has become and how it compliments the traditional beer and pizza after work that the SQL community also runs, hopefully this will be the same success.  Of course that isn’t so much up to me as it is to you because this is only going to work if you are also willing to give up your Saturday and rock up to this. Like SQLBits there will be multiple track in this case ITPro, Dev, and Information Worker.  Going the extra mile you might still be able to submit a session to them or help them with sponsorship, if you are also working for a partner.

I for one am going to share my knowledge on PowerPivot and Reporting Services(hopefully presenting on this),as well as how to protect SharePoint with ForeFront and Data Protection Manager, and to learn more about the rest of it.

However because of the vagaries of scheduling the SQL Bits 7 community day and SharePoint Saturday are both on 2nd October, so I have a bit of a dilemma about which one to go to.  What I’ll probably do is attend SQL Bits 7 on the Friday (in York) and nip down to this on the Satruday. 

Hopefully there won’t be too many of you in a similar situation, but if you are and you are free on both days (1-2 October) and want to go to both then please email me ( with Dilemma in the subject line (I use a lot of outlook rules) and I’ll see what I can do to get you a free pass to SQL Bits on the Friday.